All customers of ICSISP must agree to abide by the Terms & Conditions (T&C). The T&C is for both our Customers' and ICSISP's protection. ICSISP wants you to have a safe and enjoyable Internet experience!


Hyperlinks are shown as text that is underlined. Any text that is underlined is USUALLY a hyperlink. If clicked, it will take you to the linked website or page within a website. An example of a hyperlink is in the above paragraph where "Terms of Service" is underlined. When this is pressed, it will take you to the T&C page for your review. Once you have visited a link, the hyperlink text will usually change color indicating that you have already reviewed the website.


Only one password is assigned to your account during your original setup - The Internet logon/user name password. You must remember this password to properly operate your account. In the event a password is lost, overheard, or stolen, it must be changed. Passwords should never be given to anyone outside your household, or if a business, anyone outside the firm. Distribution of passwords to any person or firm that is not a customer of ICSISP is a violation of the T&C.


Your eMail address is all in lower-case spelling. (i.e. John Doe = This eMail address links you to anyone using the Internet around the world. NOTE: eMail addresses are collected by companies trying to sell you goods and/or services just like the "junk" mail that comes to your home. Be very selective to whom you give your address to. Any time you order a product, the company is going to know your eMail address; however, unwanted eMail solicitations may come. This can be greatly avoided by the customer hesitating a moment before they enter the address. The term "spam" or "spamming" means companies that market by mass unwanted eMail. This usually does not become a problem if you are careful. Additionally, those companies that eMail you can be easily notified to stop by: opening your eMail document, and clicking the "reply" button, then type "REMOVE" in the subject line.

Also, eMail addresses and websites in this country have a designation on the end of ".com" (a business), ".net" (a network), ".org" (an organization [non-profit]), ".edu" (a school), and ".gov" (the government). Make sure that you specify this designation correctly when obtaining a website or eMailing.

Checking your eMail: Most customers check their eMail through their webbrowser. This is done by clicking the mail button, and the browser can automatically send your name and password for access. However, if you using a computer that is not connected to ICSISP, but through another service, you can still access your eMail. This is done by entering "" and clicking the eMail button on the front page. Just enter your user name and password for access.

FREE Internet eMail Services: WARNING! There are many "free" eMail services that are offered on the Internet. Nothing in life is "free." These free services rely on collecting your name and then sending you spam. Additionally, they can collect the eMail addresses of those friends and business associates that you eMail to, so they can spam them. And, almost all "free" eMail companies send an advertisement along inside your eMail to your party. This is similar to the postman opening a letter from you and inserting an ad before it gets to the addressee. It is considered highly unprofessional in the business world to include advertisements within an eMail. 

Make Sure You're Using the Latest Version of Browser Software. The Internet is constantly improving and changing technology. Currently, you need to be using at least Internet Explorer version 5.x or Firefox version 2.x as your browser. If you are on version 2 or 3, please update soon. You may either download a free copy of the update, or ICSISP will send you a CD free of charge. 

If you need additional eMail addresses, ICSISP will provide them for you free of charge for your family. eMail ICSISP and we will accommodate you.

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