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Avast! Home Edition - (You must Register each year for a Product Key. Does Auto Updating & Auto Scanning on downloaded files. The best feature is scheduling a boot scan to scan for viruses before it boots into your Operating System Example: Windows, MAC, etc.) - Avast Download - Avast Registration

Adaware 2009 - (When installing you can purchase a key or click on the Free button to use at no cost. Recommened to Update 1 time each month & scan your PC) -

SpyBot Search & Destroy - (Download Free Software and install. Recommened to update 1 time each month & scan your PC) -

CCleaner - (Install but make sure you uncheck the 2nd top and bottom 2 boxes) -

Spyware Blaster - (Make sure you update 1 time each month & scan your PC) -

Super Anti Spyware - (Update at least 1 Time Each Month)

Malware Bytes - (Update at least 1 Time Each Month)

Windows Defender - (Install and setup under tools to do Full Scan and near the bottom where it says to show the icon Always) -

AusLogics Disk Defrag (Hard drive Defraging software) -

AusLogics Registry Defrag (Registry Defraging software) -

Defraggler (Hard drive Defraging software) -

For more Freeware Software - (Spyware removers, AntiVirus, etc)

Open Office 3.1 - Freeware Office Software compatible with Microsoft Office Files

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