MAC OS 10 Dialer Setup:

1. Double-click the Macintosh hard drive icon on the desktop.
2. Double-click the Applications folder
3. Double-click the Internet Connect icon to begin the dial-up configuration process.
4. In the Internal Modem window verify that the correct modem is selected in the Configuration field.
5. Click on the Edit button.
6. In the Network window verify that the Show field is set to Internal Modem.
7. Next to the Location field, select New Location....
8. A new window appears that prompts you to name the location. The default location is called untitled1
9. Change the Location name to ICSISP.
10. Select the TCP/IP Tab..... Next to the Configure field select Using PPP
11. Click on the PPP tab.
12. In the Service Provider field type: ICSISP
13. In the Telephone Number field enter the phone number you would like to dial. Please see the ICSISP Access Locations List to find the appropriate number.
14. In the Account Name field enter your username in the format "". For other locations, please refer to the ICSISP Access Locations List.
15. In the Password field enter your ICSISP Password
16. If do not want to be prompted for your password every time you connect, check the Save Password box.
17. Click the Apply Now button and close the Network window.
18. When you close the Network window, the Internal Modem Window appears. Verify that the correct telephone number is selected, your MaGlobe Login ID is correct, and the password is correct.
19. Click the Connect button to connect to the Internet. If you are successful you should see "Connected" in the Status area.

Opening an Internet Connection:

1. You should always manually connect to the Internet before attempting to use Internet applications.
2. Click on the Apple Menu icon , select Location, then select the appropriate dial-up connection if it is not already checked.
3. Click on the phone icon on the task bar and select Connect from the drop down menu.
4. Wait until you hear the modem dial and see a window dialog indicating that you are connected.
5. Launch your Internet applications (Internet Explorer, Netscape, Eudora, etc.).

Closing an Internet Connection:

1. Close your Internet applications (Netscape, Internet Explorer, Eudora, etc.).
2. Click on the phone icon and select Disconnect from the drop down menu.

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