Internet Support Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. What AntiVirus do I use?
A. We recommend "aVast! Anti Virus Home", But you may use any you would like. Other AntiVirus Programs: Norton AntiVirus, Norton Internet Security, McAfee AntiVirus, Mcafee Internet Security, The Shield Pro, Bit Defender, Kaspersky, Panda AntiVirus, EZAntivirus, AVG AntiVirus & many more. For a list of them go to ( Type in AntiVirus Reviews or AntiVirus Programs. If you want more information on an the AntiVirus we Recommend call our support number and we may be able to sell it to you as well or any other AntiVirus you are interested in purchasing.

Q. Do I need an AntiVirus?
A. Yes. We may provide AntiVirus Protection for your e-mail at our office, but remember to have more protection is better than having none. The other thing is that Viruses, Adaware, Spyware and Worms can get on your computer via the web and that would be a good reason to have an antivirus on your Personal PC. We don't watch your PC's Web Browsing, E-mail, Messaging Services, Etc. Activity in order to keep viruses from your PC. That is your personal PC. The other reason you want to have an AntiVirus on your Personal PC is because you don't want to have to pay someone to clean your PC up of Viruses, Worms, etc. every time your computer Crashes, doesn't logon, etc.

Q. What is a No Dial Tone: Error 680?
A. A No Dial Tone: Error 680 means that 1. Your Phone line isn't plugged into your modem, 2. Your Modem has been hit by lightening or other electrical static, causing it to become bad and needs to be replaced with a new or used one or 3. Your Modem drivers are not installed properly and need to be reinstalled.

Q. What is the Error 678: The remote computer failed to respond?
A. This may be due to problems with your hardware. The modem drivers may need to be reinstalled and to do so you may need to contact the PC or Modem Manufacturer to reinstall the drivers.

Q. What is the problem with Error 691: Access was denied because the user name and/or password was invalid on the domain or The computer you are dialing in to cannot establish a Dial-Up Networking connection. Check your password, and then try again?
A. Basically your user name and/or password is incorrect and needs to be found out via a piece of paper your ISP gave you or one you wrote down. Please be sure to keep this information in a safe place. If you need your user name or password you may call our support team. Note: We may deny the user name or password being given to a son/daughter, since they may not be on the account. The Account holder must call for this information.

Q. I keep getting error: 0x800CCC0E or 0x800CCC0F in my e-mail program (Outlook 2000, Outlook XP or Outlook Express), What do I do?
A. You must follow these instructions: . What you are doing is removing your e-mail account in the program and re adding it. This will not delete or remove any of your e-mails that you have already downloaded them. You must then reboot your computer to save the settings properly. Note: It's recommended that if some software is reinstalled that you reboot your computer.

Q. Why do I keep receiving the same messages over and over again?
A. There is a large message in your mail box. You can do one of two things. 1. You can call your local support technician to check and see if there is a large e-mail and have them delete it. 2. You can call a support technician and have him set your e-mail server time out to 5 Minutes instead of 1 Minute, which is automatically setup when your e-mail program was installed. You can also go to the following web site to make the changes: Note: This may not take care of the problem, due to large e-mails take to long for dial up to download.

Q. What if I want to go on Vacation to check my E-mail or use my dial up account in another state?
A. We have a list of dial up numbers. They may not be in every city of every state but you should be able to find a local one close to where you are located. If you can't we do apologize for any inconvenience. Click on ICS ISP Dial #'s to find a possible local number in your Vacationing area. Also the Laptop or Desktop computer will need to be setup for your e-mail. If you want to download it and keep a copy on the server we can help you via the phone or go to our support setup options. The setup information is listed on the left hand side. Choose the Operating system to setup the dialer and then choose the e-mail program you will be using. If you need to save your e-mail on the server for later Delivery go here:

Q. How do I setup my browsers HomePage?
A. You can do this 2 ways for IE. Each browser can be a little different. Click on the words in Parentheses that is the name of your Web Browser to go to the Homepage Setup instructions page for that web browser, "Internet Explorer", "Netscape 4.x", "Netscape 4.0x", or "Opera Browser".

Q. Is there a web browser that ICS ISP Could recommend?
A. Yes. We can recommend Mozilla FireFox. If you choose to download it's at your own risk. Go to the Following link: Mozilla Firefox Download. Note: There are many web browsers that you can use. The ones that have been used the most are Internet Explorer & Netscape. The others that are listed for support are others that some customers have as well. We try to keep up to date on programs and can make recommendation only because we as technicians have used the same software.

Q. Is there an E-mail Program that ICS ISP would recommend?
A. Yes. We can recommend Microsoft Office Outlook. There are others you can use besides Outlook Express, which is what we setup for you as a customer. This is the standard E-mail program that always comes with Microsoft Windows. Outlook 2003/XP has other added features that are nice to use mostly for Personal or Business related. Reminders on a calendar, so that we don't forget things. It has a backup option, as does Outlook Express and possibly some of the other e-mail programs. This backup option is nice, so that you can keep a copy of your most recent e-mails and if your HDD fails you can copy them to your New HDD with Windows XP reinstalled and then re setup your e-mail program to download the newest e-mails. To get a trial copy of "Microsoft Office Outlook" click on the Words in the Parentheses. (NOTE: We are not responsible for Microsoft directing if this link fails. To download a trial please go to to acquire a copy of the newest version of Microsoft Office.
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