Click HERE for the DSL Modem Setup Instructions

DSL Trouble Shooting::

1. Verify that your Modems DSL Link Light is green and not flashing.

2. Do a ping test by going to Start -> Run and type in: cmd
Type in the black box: ping
If you don't get a reply you should see it say: Can't Find Host
This means that your DSL Link light isn't green or solid or that your modem isn't in sync.

If you get a reply you should see: reply from bytes=xx time=xx TTL=xx
This means that your DSL Modem is working fine and synced and you should be able to browse
and download email.
(Note the x represents numbers)

3. Reset the DSL Modem by either a. Pulling the power from the DSL Modem and wait for 30 - 60 seconds and plug it back in or b. If there is a power switch click on it to turn off the modem and wait for 30 - 60 seconds and push it again to turn it back on. Wait for the DSL light to go solid green and try browsing the internet.

4. If the modem isn't synced please call us to verify the activation date.

5. Make sure you have dialtone on your phone before calling support because this will be a problem of your local phone companies and not the DSL providers/ICSISP's.

6. If you would like to verify that you are connected go to the address listed on the top or bottom of your modem and look to see if it says Status: Connected If it doesn't call your support technician.

7. For further issues please call, stop by or email our support:

Phone: 740-453-5953
Address: Image computer Solutions 44 North 4th Street Zanesville, OH 43701

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